Asphalt Batch Mixing Plant

Cap 80 to 240 TPH

Asphalt Batch Mix Plant ( Cap 80 to 240 TPH )

The Shreeji Earthmovers Equipment-designed asphalt batch mixing plants are the best piece of construction machinery for making asphalt for roadways by batch mixing.

The Shreeji Earthmovers Equipment’ asphalt batch mix plants are regarded as the best in the business. The asphalt batching units from Kaushik are exceptional in terms of quality, dependability, and effectiveness. We have a variety of asphalt batching plants, so you can be confident that we can meet all of your batch mixing requirements for a variety of Road projects.

Shreeji Earthmovers Equipment excels at producing high-quality batch mixing machinery by conducting thorough research on the most recent technology. Asphalt batching plants come in a variety of sizes and layouts. Our specialised asphalt batch mix facilities are renowned for their effectiveness, simplicity of use, and low maintenance requirements.

from a top Indian producer of mix type asphalt plants, a modular asphalt batch plant. Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bhutan are potential destinations for our asphalt plant exports. There are now models with capacities of 80, 100, 120, 160, and 240 tph available. The PLC panel allows for infinite recipe editing. machine that is inexpensive to operate and use spare components on. design that has been tried and true for maximum performance.

Shreeji Earthmovers Equipment has made sure that operating and maintenance cost of its asphalt batching plants is lowest. The main aim is to develop a design that allows customers to have a low price equipment that allows peace of mind. Contact us to know how we can help you lower your overall cost and maximise your return on investment.

Shreeji Earthmovers Equipment manufactured asphalt batch mixing plant for sale has many advantages over the competition. It is a simple-to-use machine which is designed to perform with low maintenance. The structure is heavy and suited for rough applications. Precise weighing ensures that customer gets his job done with precision. Some of the advantages are as:

  • Basic plant structure is strong.
  • Containerised design reduces transportation cost.
  • Tower unit is mounted on skid plates. It helps in quick installation. Other units like cold feeders, drum unit, etc. It is supplied with skid mounting.
  • Burner is low noise, high efficient and multi fuel.
  • Low maintenance and low operating cost is the highlight of this asphalt batch mixer from India.
  • Drying drum is thermally insulated.
  • The pairing of burner and drum is perfect which allows heating of aggregates evenly in short time after spending less fuel.
  • All units are modular. This helps to reduce installation and transportation time.
  • Total seven pneumatic cylinders are used. The size of each cylinder is same allowing to keep less stock.
  • Bitumen weighing and transfer system is simple and maintenance free. We are using only one bitumen transfer pump to transfer bitumen.
  • Mixing unit gear boxes are planetary type. They are directly mounted on each shaft. This allows better torque absorption.
  • The cylinders are easily accessible and hence maintenance is easy.
  • Less civil work is required at site.
  • Bag filter unit is more efficient. It has total of three rotors at the top which makes cleaning efficient.
  • The control panel is equipped with standard components.
  • The PLC panel comes with easy to use software and colour display. It is as easy as operating a mobile phone.
  • Vibrating screen sizes can be customised to suit customers requirement.
  • Each unit of the tower has sufficient space for maintenance.
  • It is also possible to supply this with wet dust collector instead of bag filter.
  • We have kept the cost of spare parts the lowest in the industry.
  • Various hot mix recipes can be stored in the panel and can be changed easily with few clicks

Asphalt Mixing Plant

Get Asphalt Batch Mix Plant for sale from leading exporter, supplier of hot mix plant. Asphalt batch plants from Shreeji Earthmovers Equipment is available for sale with advanced touch screen PLC panel. Available in modular design for fast assembly and installation. If you are looking for a reliable equipment manufactured by a reputed manufacturer with years of manufacturing experience of construction equipment, then SHREEJI is the answer. We offer not only reasonably priced Asphalt Batch Mixing Plant but also promise a tension free and clean performance.

The components are: cold aggregate feeding system; counter flow drying drum with multi fuel burner; elevator system for conveying hot aggregates to the vibrating screen, batch tower unit comprising of four deck vibrating screen; separate weighing bins for aggregates; separate weigh hoppers for bitumen and for mineral; pug mill type mixing unit below the aggregate weighing unit;& primary and secondary pollution control devices which work in sync with each other; asphalt storage & heating tanks and PLC control panel inside the control cabin.

Asphalt batch Mixing plants will make hot mix asphalt in fixed batches. One by one batches are continuously made to make hot mix asphalt.

Some of the advantages of asphalt batch plant are:

  • It offers best quality of hot mix asphalt.
  • The flexibility offered is best.
  • It is possible to edit batch sizes and mix material designs frequently.
  • The control systems are very advanced allowing user to have multiple options.
  • The level of pollution control is better than a drum mixer.

Process Of Asphalt Batch Mixing Plant

This asphalt batch mix plants features the most advance technology. It is best for getting quality HMA. The process-working starts when cold aggregates are fed to the appropriate aggregate feeder bins. They then are metered from the hoppers individually and move towards the drying drum. In between they have to pass though a primary scalping screen for removal of oversized materials. A conveyor takes the cold aggregates collectively into the drying drum. The drum featured here is counterflow type and the dry aggregates move from one end to the burner end by the help of the drum rotation. During this process they get fully dried. The aggregates get transferred from one end to the other and leave the burner end of the drum to fall on a elevator. This elevator is fully covered and it takes the aggregates to the top end of the tower unit where vibrating screens is placed.

Dust collection is done at the entry point of the aggregates and treated by a primary and secondary dust collector. Here the primary dust collector is cyclone type and the secondary dust collector can be wet scrubber or a bag house.

The screens are inclined horizontally and are of different sieve sizes depending on the mix material requirement. Once the aggregates pass thought the vibrating screen, they are separated and placed in different bins just below the vibrating screen. This separation is according to the size of the aggregates. This screen has provision for removal of oversize and overflow material. In certain Asphalt Batch Mix Plant, there is a separate bin which stores RAP material. The aggregates are stored in the bins separately and the bins open as per the batch which is set. Here the quantity of each size of aggregates can be controlled as per requirement. At the same time, the bitumen which is stored in the bitumen tanks is flowed from the tanks below by an asphalt pump into a bucket near the mixer. This bucket weighs the bitumen and then pumps the same into the mixer. Before the entry of the bitumen into the mixer, hot aggregates (and RAP) have already entered the mixing unit. The material already in the mixing unit is as per the desired ratio. The mixing time of the twin shaft mixer can be set as per requirement.

After mixing, the HMA is discharged into a storage silo or into waiting trucks below which takes them to the job sites.

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