Asphalt Mobile Mixing Plant

Cap 20 to 120 TPH

Asphalt Mobile Mixing Plant ( Cap 20 to 120 TPH)

SHREEJI automatic asphalt drum mixing plants, compliant to the latest M.O.R.T.H. (previously known as M.O.S.T.) specifications, are designed and engineered to give trouble-free performance with superior fuel efficiency. Our pursuance to offer our customers the best and constant up-gradation of products today showcases exceptional and unmatched product refinement in our asphalt mixing plants.

Our SMDM (Mobile) series offers customers the industry’s finest & proven technical solution, latest generation process controls and automation together with total installation and site support, aimed to deliver precisely mixed quality asphalt – productively and profitably. SHREEJI design team facilitates custom built asphalt mixing plants to meet specific site demands and requirements. Available in capacities ranging from 20 to 120 TPH output in different models.


SHREEJI portable asphalt mixing plants are designed for the modern generation contractors. They are ideal where the job demands frequent change of sites without compromising on the production. This equipment is designed for maximum mobility and they satisfy various needs of a road contractor looking for a quality machine.

Portable asphalt mixing plant comes pre-wired on chassis for quick installation and start up time. One of the key advantage is that it does not require foundation to set up and it is possible to start the plant in short time with the use of foldable legs that are provided with the plant.

We are offering full mobility with prewired chassis with features like junction box, king pin system, pneumatic braking system, etc. on each chassis. The portable asphalt mixers are designed to give complete peace of mind to the owner. The control panel is PLC based which offers an edge over microprocessor based panel giving smooth operation and minimising downtime. Drying and mixing drum is insulated with cerawool which has the ability to resist heat up to 1206 degrees Celsius. We are offering you a complete package using which you can start producing hot mix asphalt immediately.

It’s crucial to get a reliable mobile asphalt plant that can meet your needs. There are a lot of manufacturers on the market right now, but can you rely on them all to give you authentic equipment? Let’s say you work at various places in various jobs. You must work more frequently shifts in these occupations. If your system in this situation requires a lot of time to disassemble and reassemble, you are in big trouble. Your mobile device’s original problem won’t be fixed. Moving takes a lot of time, which is not what you want, and manufacturing takes a lot less time. Saving time and money is the main reason we choose a portable design.

Here are some questions and factors to keep in mind while you choose your equipment:

  • Check the manufacturer’s experience producing such mobile plants to determine their skill level.
  • The value of design cannot be overstated. In the long term, simple, user-friendly design will be more beneficial than complex design.
    Make sure the design doesn’t compromise the output by checking it.
  • Experience: Confirm that the asphalt mixer maker has sufficient experience in the field.
  • Is the provider able to deliver the items on schedule and in accordance with the requested specifications.
  • Track record is crucial. Ask them whether they have experience installing similar devices successfully.
  • Installation procedure: Review the specifics of the installation procedure and comprehend it. Make sure you pay close attention to every step of assembly and disassembly. You will benefit from knowing the procedure to follow each time you need to transfer a plant by doing this.
  • Verify with other participants: Do ask other players if they have anything more advantageous to contribute.
  • Some vendors will always comply with your request. These producers are extremely risky, thus it’s crucial to stay away from them. The explanation for this is that they are unconcerned with the portion of the sale that happens after the sale. Such individuals are solely interested in the initial sale.
  • Spare part prices: This section is frequently ignored. Be sure you have a list of replacement parts and to purchase a few essential components along with the machine. This will make sure that your equipment is stocked with essential parts, allowing you to work without stress. Some businesses charge high costs for spare parts, which will harm you over time.
  • Services for operators: Find out which manufacturers provide operators for your machine. Here, some players take money from their accounts and give the operator a portion of it. We suggest that you directly hire the individual and pay his salary through your business. As we do not take a cut of the same, you pay less, and the individual coming to work with you is paid well. The operator feels better about working for you since he knows he will receive his entire wage and not just a portion of it.
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