Wet Mixing Macadam Plant

Cap 100 to 250 TPH

Wet Mixing Macadam Plant ( Cap 100 to 250 TPH )

Being in line with our tradition, since our outset, we aim to provide automatic excellence in the area of road construction machinery. Experts at SHREEJI have worked hard to construct Wet Mixing Macadam Plant or Solid Stabilisation plant in order to help builders acquire a homogenous mix material, to make base and sub-base in the road construction projects. These plants are designed keeping in view the toughest job site requirements. They ensure high reliability and uptime. All Kaushik manufactured Wet Mixing Macadam plants possess robust structure and high quality precision.

In order to meet the varying needs of our customers, Shreeji Earthmovers Equipment Wet Mixing plants can be customized from 100 TPH to 250 TPH according to the construction requirements. We also provide Cement stabilisation (CTAB) system and other accessories for wet mix macadam equipment to meet varying project and client requirements.

Our wet mix macadam plants, offered in varying capacities, ensure cost-efficiency and high performance. Made using Best Quality With latest technologies, our wet mix plants are customized as per unique foundation drawing given by the seller.

SHREEJI Wet Mixing Macadam Plant are designed to work under tough conditions. These WMM plants has many advantages. It comes with strong pug mill mixer which is the heart of the plant.

  • The shaft of the pug mill mixing unit rests of 6 pedestals. This makes the torque absorption better and ensures maintenance free performance.
  • The shaft is 6″ and is bigger for longer life.
  • Shafting is unslotted fitted with arms and tips with distant pieces in between. This ensures that the shaft life is more as the material does not directly come in contact with the shaft.
  • Arms and tips are opposite and not alternate for homogeneous mixing.
  • Liner plates, arms and tips are easy replaceable.
  • Storage silo of various capacities can be provided.
  • Integration of cement silo to add cement in the mixing unit is also possible

These wmm plants are manufacturer under strict vigilance. We also ensure trouble free operation of plant by using the best of the materials in the manufacturing process. Our experience of more than 22 years help us to produce equipment of highest standards by using the best of the raw materials. These wet mixing plants have performed under rough conditions and have proved their worth.

Our standard wet mixing macadam plant comes with a strong pug mill mixer unit that helps in proper and uniform mixing. The mixing unit is the most important unit and is designed to perform under tough operation conditions.

A lot of our customers have found satisfaction with our plants which have yeided results and performed with accuracy over the years. The designs is extremely user friendly and that the operator can use the plant with ease. We understand our responsibility as a responsible manufacturer and our ISO Certified process enables us to strictly adhere to standards.

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