Automatic Bitumen Sprayer

Cap 4 to 12 Tonnes

Automatic Bitumen Sprayer ( 4 to 12 Tonnes )

Kirloskar make 25HP dieseal engine of 1500 RPM, Engine drives both one side Bitumen pump from pulley V belt system & otherside air compressor by pulley -V belt system . Standard I.R. of ELGI make double cylinder 3 HP, Pressure 9 Kg/Sq. cm . Air compressor operates pneumatic pressure valve open /close for cleaning bitumen pump pipelines and burner air purpose . 

Some of the features of the equipment are:

  • The operation is economical – The components used promise long life. We source them from reliable suppliers.
  • Insulated tank: The machine comes with insulated tank. This is for heat retention. We provide a fuel efficient yet silent burner to heat the contents of the tank faster.
  • Diesel engine: Reliable and fuel efficient engine works wonders for the sprayer.
  • Pressurised cleaning system: One of the key highlights of this sprayer. At the end of each operation it is possible to clean the pipelines by using air and diesel. This helps avoid clogging of the pipelines by bitumen.
  • Uniform spraying: The spray bar and placement of spray nozzles is perfect. This allows uniform spraying of bitumen.
  • Spray bar length is customizable: It is possible to customize the length of the spray bar. eg. for hilly regions we change the spray bar and make is less wider with 2 folds so that the width during transportation is less. The spray bar can extends during spraying.
  • Hand spray bar: Availability of a hand spray bar is very handy when we need to spray small quantity on the sides.
  • New / old truck chassis: It is possible to design the sprayer chassis to fit new or old suitable truck chassis.
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